Veterinary Dentistry
Veterinary Dentistry
Veterinary Dentistry
Veterinary Dentistry
Veterinary Dentistry
Veterinary Dentistry

Veterinary Dentistry


Who learned enough dentistry in school to prepare them for clinic life? The Pull & Know – dentistry edition is here to help!

This business card sized, fully laminated handbook will help guide you through the anatomy, nomenclature, charting as well as full colour images of dental instruments and their uses. Use the real patient images to help you when you're taking your dental rads (I shoot the eyeball for the carnassial?!) There are even step by step guides with phots to walk you through the most common intra-oral regional nerve blocks. And the bonus? You can just wipe it off when you're finished! Because let's face it, veterinary medicine is gross!

**Please note this handbook will be shipped with a carabiner as pictured on the First Aid handbook and not a retractable lanyard.

Included cards:

  • Tooth anatomy
  • Mouth directions
  • Triadian tooth numbering (dog & cat)
  • Anatomic nomenclature of teeth (dog & cat)
  • Dental occlusion (dog & cat)
  • Dental formulas and Eruption pattern (dog & cat)
  • Abbreviations
  • Calculus & Tooth resorption
  • Furcation Exposure & mobility
  • Malocclusions
  • Periodontal depths & Gingival index
  • Periodontal disease class
  • Subgingival curette
  • Supragingival curette
  • Winged elevator
  • Luxator
  • Periosteal elevator
  • Extraction forceps
  • Fragment extraction forceps
  • Root tip extraction forceps
  • Tartar removing forceps
  • Periodontal probe
  • Dental burs
  • High speed handpiece
  • Low speed handpiece
  • Mechanical scaler
  • Mandibular nerves (dog & cat)
  • Maxillary nerves (dog & cat)
  • Caudal mandibular block (dog & cat)
  • Rostral mandibular block (dog &  cat)
  • Caudal maxillary block (dog & cat)
  • Rostral maxillary block (dog & cat)
  • Local anesthetics
  • Parallel technique
  • Bisecting angle technique
  • Mandibular arcade (dog & cat)
  • Mandibular incisors (dog & cat)
  • Maxillary arcade (dog & cat)
  • Maxillary incisors (dog & cat)