About us

Jen Clements, DVM is a practicing small animal veterinarian and the author of the Pull & Know veterinary handbook series. She developed the first of the series, anesthesia, as a class project for her second year anesthesia class at the Ontario Veterinary College.  Students were tasked with making a small, portable reference book with the anesthetic drugs that they would use most commonly during their fourth year anesthesia rotation.  And so the Pull & Know was born.

The books were noticed by her classmates and many wanted one for their rotations.  Her roommate and friends diligently cut out thousands of laminated business cards and sold the books to her classmates.  The following year, the next class requested books for their anesthesia course.  The printing, laminating and cutting continued between studying and classes.  From there, every class would purchase the handbooks and even after graduation, now Dr. Clements, continues to sell the handbooks to the students at OVC.

In the subsequent years, Dr. Clements has relied heavily on her family, friends and husband to help her with collating, laminating, shipping and receiving. The four titles in the Pull & Know series are sold to veterinarians, student veterinarians, technicians and student technicians across the world.  The small size, durability and information-loaded cards have proven to be invaluable for students to study from, then carry them through to clinical practice.

The name Pull & Know? That was developed over pizza, a few beer, a chalkboard, great friends and a kitchen table.  Really.

Dr. Jen Clements currently lives in Ottawa, Canada with her tolerant husband David, her exuberant black lab Pickles (with befitting nickname of Wild Garlic), her two indifferent ginger tabby cats Tony and Arthur, her two quiet tortoises Elliott and Violet, and her perfect turtle Shermane.