The Pull & Know series of handbooks are pocket-sized guides to assist veterinarians and veterinary technicians with keeping important information close at hand.  They offer concise, easy-to-read, practical material in a portable, fluid-proof format - because let's face it, veterinary medicine can be messy!

The newest addition to the selection of available titles has expanded to include pet first aid for pet owners! These incredibly portable and weatherproof guides will allow you to be a well-informed and empowered first responder, to help your veterinarian give your pet the best chance they have of making a full recovery after a traumatic event. Your veterinarian will appreciate your ability to help them heal your pet.

In an effort towards sustainability, your Pull & Know order comes with minimal but secure packaging. Larger orders are shipped in repurposed boxes. We don't send out paper invoices unless you email to request one. You will receive a digital copy of your receipt with your order.  Every bit counts.

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